Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) Law School, located in Barcelona, Spain, is part of Ramon Llull University. ESADE has both a prestigious business school and outstanding law school. ESADE School of Law has developed an extensive international and comparative law curriculum to meet the growing demand for globalization in education.

Georgetown students attending ESADE will benefit not only from the high caliber of the curriculum and faculty, but also from living in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and one ripe in history and culture. As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the home of the Parliament of Catalonia and the Supreme Court of Catalonia. Barcelona offers incomparable art, as well as cultural and social activities.

Georgetown students will be participating in the combined undergraduate and master’s in program in law while at ESADE. They will be attending classes with ESADE students pursuing their fourth year of the law degree, as well as students seeking a Master’s or Postgraduate diploma.

Participants in this program are required to have a high level of Spanish proficiency as the course offerings are mainly taught in Spanish.  ESADE requires a certificate indicating a minimum of a B2 Spanish language command. OTP reserves the right to ask students to submit to language testing before issuing final approval for their participation. Georgetown’s agreement with ESADE allows up to two students to study at the law school for a semester. In 2020, no students from Georgetown attended.