Note: OTP is not accepting applications for this program in 2024. Please consider one of the other program options listed.

The Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the oldest law school in Israel. Established in 1949, the Faculty is the alma mater of almost all the Justices on the Supreme Court of Israel, and among its alumni are many of Israel’s most prominent legal academics, Attorneys-General, senior government officials, representatives, and practicing lawyers. Initially housed in the buildings of the Ratisbonne Monastery in the center of Jerusalem, the Law Faculty was one of the first academic units to be relocated after the Six Day War in the historic buildings of the Hebrew University Campus on Mount Scopus. This complex, including the original building of Israel’s National Library, has served as the home of the Faculty ever since. The Faculty’s Bernard G. Segal Law Library is the largest law library in Israel containing some 300,000 volumes (80,000 titles) and holds several unique collections of Jewish, Israeli, Roman and philosophy of law.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Faculty of Law are both world-renown in research and teaching. Our faculty and countless graduates have contributed to the study of law and linked disciplines, and we are constantly developing new areas of teaching and research. Among the many classes our exchange program provides in English, our faculty has an outstanding assortment of classes specializing in International Law and Human Rights.

The teaching program in English was developed in conjunction with the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University. The Rothberg International School is a well established academic school within the Hebrew University which offers an impressive number of academic programs to more than 1,300 students annually. This welcome collaboration offers the students participating in the exchange with the Faculty of Law a broad choice of subjects that pertain to law, as well as a chance to participate in the social activities of the Rothberg School in addition to the activities at the Faculty of Law. The Rothberg School also offers pre-semester and summer language courses – a chance to study some Hebrew before the beginning of the academic year.

The exchange program at Hebrew University provides visiting students the access to a vibrant and exciting community, coupled with the experience of visiting and living in Israel and Jerusalem.  Courses offered to Georgetown students have been arranged specifically for GULC and other exchange students. It is expected that most courses open to Georgetown students will also include students from Hebrew University. Courses are expected to be small in order to promote meaningful interaction with other students and faculty. Additional information about the Hebrew University exchange program is available on their website. Please note that students will only be allowed to take courses offered at the Faculty of Law for credit. Georgetown’s exchange agreement with Hebrew University allows a total of up to three students to study for a semester at the University’s law faculty. In 2022, two students from Georgetown attended.