In the District of Columbia, approximately 80% of all juveniles accused of delinquency are represented by private, court-appointed “panel attorneys.” Despite this fact, the vast majority of resources, training, support, supervision, and oversight has historically been allocated to lawyers at the Public Defender Service and the local juvenile justice clinics. The DC Juvenile Panel Trial Practice Group (TPG) seeks to provide the private juvenile defense bar with a formal infrastructure to facilitate training, resource development, and other comprehensive support for solo practitioners in DC’s juvenile court.

The DC Juvenile Panel TPG currently supports its members by:

  • Offering regular CLE training,
  • Providing technical assistance to TPG members, and
  • Issuing an e-Letter with case updates from the DC Court of Appeals, juvenile practice tips, and information about monthly trainings.

Please email Rebba Omer to apply to be added to the DC Juvenile Panel TPG listserv.