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Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Law and Politics

Josh Chafetz

B.A., Yale; D.Phil., University of Oxford; J.D., Yale

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Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and National Security

Laura Donohue

A.B., Dartmouth College; M.A., University of Ulster, Northern Ireland; Ph.D., Cambridge University; J.D., Stanford

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Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal History

Daniel R. Ernst

B.A., Dartmouth College; J.D., University of Chicago; M.A., Princeton; Ph.D., Princeton; LL.M., University of Wisconsin

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Areas of Expertise:

Legal History, Property

St. Thomas More Professor in Law and History; Anne Fleming Research Professor

Brad Snyder

A.B., Duke; J.D., Yale

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Areas of Expertise:

Constitutional Law, Legal History