1. Please submit the Teaching Online Form in order to request to teach online from the home. Training is encouraged and highly recommended before you do that for the first time.
  2. IST will earmark your Zoom recording for import from Zoom into your Panopto folder
  3. Accessing and running your online class (This scenario is for faculty teaching at their regularly scheduled class time): 
  4. Faculty NEED to sign in to their Georgetown Zoom Accounts in order to be recognized as session hosts. You cannot start the meeting without doing this first
  5. All attendees will use the Join Online Class link in their Canvas course to join meetings. The
  6. Zoom sessions will record automatically. Please refrain from stopping or pausing recordings
  7. Faculty will need to use the Waiting Room Feature to allow participants in to the Zoom session
  8. Email lawhelp@georgetown.edu at least 24 hours prior to your session for information on guest speakers OR invite guest speakers directly from the Zoom session after launching.

Faculty can call 202-662-ZOOM for immediate assistance just before or during the class