1. Please submit the Classroom Technology Support Request Form if you are planning to teach online to alert both IST and Academic Affairs that you plan to teach via Zoom.
  2. View the 3 minute Zoom Conferencing Quick Training video. Faculty can also sign up for Zoom trainings or view previously recorded trainings.
  3. Set up your Instant Zoom Meeting in your Canvas course using the Zoom Conferencing tool in your course site. Note that you should do this prior to your class time so that you can complete step number 4.
  4. Communicate with your students and confirm your teaching time/date and mode of teaching. Send a Canvas Announcement or email to let students know that you will be holding class online. Let them know that they need to click on the Zoom Conferencing Tool in Canvas and then click on the meeting link you previously created.
  5. If you have guests or guest speakers, you can invite them by right clicking and copying the link from your previously created Zoom session and pasting it in to an email or other communication to the guest.
  6. Prior to class, faculty NEED to first sign in to their Georgetown Zoom Accounts in order to be recognized as session hosts.  
  7. At your class time (or just prior), launch your Zoom session using your created Zoom Conferencing link.
  8. Zoom sessions will NOT record automatically. If you plan to record your Zoom session, you will need to start the recording and choose the Cloud Recording option. Please note that private conversations should not be held in Zoom class sessions.
  9. If you need assistance with moving your recording to your Panopto recordings folder, IST will earmark your Zoom recording for import from Zoom into your Panopto folder where it can be accessed by students Via Canvas. Please expect a 24 hour wait for your recording to be available for playback.

Faculty can call 202-662-ZOOM for immediate assistance just before or during the class