Before Your Class Date:

  1. Think you might need assistance? Fill out this Classroom Technology Support Request form to request assistance in advance of your class. You may also email in advance of class time to request assistance
  2. Attend a classroom technology training with IST prior to the semester and/or review the Canvas Zoom Conferencing Tool documentation 
  3. Create your Zoom Conferencing Class link using the Zoom Conferencing Tool in Canvas (PDF Instructions)
  4. Communicate with your guest or student who will be joining via Zoom

*Students will use the same Zoom Conferencing link in the Canvas course site to join the session

*You can share your Zoom link with guests or guest lecturers (PDF Instructions)

At The Start of Class:

  1. Turn the room AV system on
  2. Zoom is installed on every classroom PC at the Law Center. You will need to Sign in to your Zoom account using the Zoom application on the classroom PC
  3. After signing in, use the Zoom Conferencing link in your Canvas course site to launch your Zoom session
  4. Your remote students should always use the Zoom Conferencing link in your Canvas space to access your Zoom classroom
  5. If you are using power point presentations or wish to present materials that are projected on the classroom screen, make sure to share your screen (the classroom PC screen) using the Zoom controls
  6. Should faculty have issues during class (or just before), call 202-662-ZOOM for immediate assistance