1. Please submit this Zoom Synchronous Teaching Form to request to allow students to participate by Zoom when you and the rest of the students are in the classroom. Training is required before you do that for the first time.
  2. Zoom is installed on every classroom PC at the Law Center. Each room has a designated Zoom account. After turning the room system on (if it is not on already), faculty can: Start an Instant meeting from the classroom PC
  3. Your remote students should always use the “Join Online Class” link in your Canvas space to access your Zoom classroom. 
  4. All Zoom meetings have their waiting room enabled. Faculty must admit participants from the waiting room in order for them to join the meeting. 
  5. When teaching with Zoom in the classroom, the room system needs to be turned on. If the screen and projector are not needed, mute the projector and pull up the screen with the wall controls or those on the monitor in front of you. Please do not turn off the system.

Faculty can call 202-662-ZOOM for immediate assistance just before or during the class