Legal Recruiters' Tips for LL.M. Students (April 24, 2013)
Two local legal recruiters to help explain to LL.M. students how to work with permanent recruiting agents and temporary staffing agencies.

Working With Recruiting and Staffing Agencies (March 28, 2012)

All About Recruiters. Are You Confused About How ‘Headhunters’ Work? (April 8, 2009)
Do you want to know if recruiters could be helpful in your job search? Are you curious about how contract attorney positions work? A good relationship with a recruiter can add a lot of value to your job search. However, there are some definite protocols to know about working with a recruiter, and you are better of leanring them ahead of time, rather than through trial and error. Come listen to a panel of experienced legal recruiters discussing their work. The speakers include Mary Legg, Esq., President & General Counsel of Firm Advice, Inc; Martha Ann Sisson, Esq. of Garrison & Sisson; and Trish Alatorre-Ridings, Managing Director or Kelly Law Registry. 

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