Students Queue Up to Hear Supreme Court Arguments

April 28, 2015 —

Peter Knight (L’16) had planned to set up camp outside the Supreme Court on Sunday, April 26, thinking that two days in line would be sufficient to get him in to see oral arguments in the same-sex marriage cases on Tuesday, April 28.

But on Friday afternoon — after seeing a moot argument of the cases sponsored by Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute — Knight walked over to the Court on a study break and realized that he had to queue up quickly. 

“I called [my] con law classmate and said, ‘There is no Sunday,’” said Knight. “And she said, ‘I’m packing my bags.’”

By Monday afternoon, the pair still looked relaxed and relatively comfortable — having been able to take turns checking in at his home nearby, a local Starbucks, Union Station and even the Georgetown Law Library. At number 36 and 37 in line, the students stood a good chance of getting in. And for these two, the experience of hearing history would be well worth the wait. 

 “To be so close to the Supreme Court is just historic. I knew when I had my first visit to Georgetown a couple years ago and I saw the moot courtroom I said, this is where I have to go. This is history in the making,” said Knight’s 2L classmate Sarah. 

Friday’s moots and Visiting Professor Brad Snyder’s con law course provided a solid background in the cases and the relevant law, they said. “I feel like we are up to speed,” Knight said.

And with their constitutional law and other exams less than a week away, they’ve even been able to get a good bit of studying done. Said Knight confidently: “I don’t think the finals are going to suffer at all.”

To read about Knight in a National Law Journal story by Mike Sacks (L'10), click here.

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