Fall 2024 Academic Calendar

August 2: Required Orientation and Optional City Tour
August 5: First Day of Classes
November 29: End of Classes
December 2-20: Final Exams

All incoming students have a local buddy to help them adapt to life in Buenos Aires and at UTDT. These buddies and the International Programs Office organize monthly activities to help incoming students integrate in the local community.

Available Courses

The law degree program at UTDT is an undergraduate, full-time, five-year course of study, using the case method and simulation techniques. It also features moot court competitions, intensive training in legal writing, and externship programs. Students visiting the university can take classes offered to fourth and fifth-year students. Students may also take approved courses in UTDT’s LL.M. programs in Law and Economics, and Tax Law. These courses tend to be short, meeting over the span of a month or less. The following courses were approved for Georgetown students in the past. Course offerings will be available shortly before the start of the term.

Approved 4th & 5th year courses:

  • Concursos y Quiebras / Meeting of Creditors and Bankruptcies
  • Contabilidad y Análisis Financiero / Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Derecho Internacional Privado / International Private Law
  • Seminario Mediación y Arbitraje / Mediation and Arbitration Seminar

LL.M. Courses:

  • Derecho Penal Tributario
  • Derecho de la Competencia
  • Estrategia Empresaria
  • Procedimiento Tributario
  • Impuesto a las Ganancias II
  • Litigacion Compleja
  • Derecho Tributario Internacional
  • Valuacion de Empresas
  • Regulacion Bancaria

Because new course offerings may not be publicized until the start of the term, it is possible that not all eligible courses are listed above. Participants in this program who wish to enroll in any course not listed above must contact the Office of Transnational Programs by email to request approval. Participants should not expect to receive credit for courses that are not expressly approved by OTP.

Credits earned at UTDT  are calculated with reference to the ABA’s standard class formula (12.5 hours of class time, plus 30 hours of out of class preparation and studying, per one credit hour.) Students may be asked to verify the number of minutes each course meets in order to confirm the number of credits that the student will receive upon completion of their semester abroad program.  See the Study Abroad Policy document for details.

Approved students will submit their initial course preferences by in their application to UTDT in the spring; however, registration in individual courses will not be confirmed until students arrive at UTDT in late July.

Learn more about UTDT’s grading system.

Accommodations for students with disabilities may be available on a case by case basis. Information on accessibility in Buenos Aires can be found here.

Language Proficiency

Students who participate in this program are required to have a high level of Spanish proficiency. The Office of Transnational Programs reserves the right to ask students to submit to language testing before issuing final approval for their participation.

Housing & Facilities

The Universidad Torcuato Di Tella is a non-residential campus. The International Programs Office at UTDT provides all accepted students with housing listings including homestays, shared apartments and student residences. Also, exchange students are encouraged to find roommates through the Whatsapp group of incoming students. Each student is responsible for finding his/her accommodation.

Students also have access to the university library which is open Monday through Friday 8:00am-8:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Estimated Budget

Please reference the below budget which is from a previous year and that will be updated when necessary.

Expense Estimated Budget
Tuition $25,445
Health Insurance $2,175
Student Visa $160
Airfare $1,634
Housing $3,000
Books $100
Food $1,000
Local Transportation $1,500
Miscellaneous $750
Study Abroad Insurance $140
TOTAL $35,904

UTDT also provides visa guidance for admitted students.