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Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Health Law, Policy, and Ethics; Co-Director, Georgetown-Johns Hopkins Joint Program in Law and Public Health

M. Gregg Bloche

B.A., Columbia; J.D., Yale; M.D., Yale

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Professor from Practice; Co-Director, Domestic Violence Clinic; Director, DC Affordable Law Firm

A. Rachel Camp

B.A., Miami University (Ohio); J.D., University of Pittsburgh

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Thomas Aquinas Reynolds Professor of Law

Donald Langevoort

B.A., University of Virginia; J.D., Harvard

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Carroll Professor of Jurisprudence

John Mikhail

B.A., Amherst College; M.A., Cornell; Ph.D., Cornell; J.D., Stanford

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McDevitt Professor of Jurisprudence; Co-Director, Center on National Security and the Law; Director, Center on the Legal Profession

Mitt Regan, Jr.

B.A., University of Houston; M.A., University of California Los Angeles; J.D., Georgetown

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David Belding Professor of Law; Professor of Economics (by courtesy)

Joshua C. Teitelbaum

B.A., Williams College; J.D., Harvard; Ph.D., Cornell

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Associate Professor of Law

Kevin Tobia

B.A., Rutgers; B.Phil., Oxford; J.D., Yale; Ph.D., Yale

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Professor of Law

Jamillah Bowman Williams

M.A., University of Michigan; J.D., Stanford; Ph.D., Stanford

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