Over the course of a number of years of work, the IMBR Initiative has developed a set of Tools to help migrants, members of civil society, academics, and practitioners, as well as local, national, regional, and international lawmakers and policymakers set standards on migration, advocate for the rights of migrants, and educate others about migrants’ rights.

The Initiative pursues this work using tools developed by an international network of students and scholars over the past six years in consultation with migrants, civil society, policymakers and regional and international organizations. The resulting products feature:

  • a Bill of Rights, which articulates the rights protecting all migrants and distinguishes between existing international law and progressive developments in law and practice
  • the Principles on which the IMBR’s human rights are founded
  • legal Commentaries that corroborate the enumerated rights and principles
  • a Handbook to guide the promotion and implementation of the IMBR
  • a set of Indicators for researchers to benchmark legal protections in countries