Taxation Interview Program

Employer Interview Schedules

Employers can choose between 20-minute interview slots and 30-minute interview slots. On a typical 20-minute interview schedule, employers can interview a maximum of 20 students. On a typical 30-minute interview schedule, employers can interview a maximum of 13 students. 

If you would like to interview more students than the number typically allotted to each schedule type, we can assist you with adding 1-2 more interview slots.  If you would like to interview fewer than the maximum number of students on a schedule, or to interview students only for a portion of the day, we are also happy to accommodate such requests.  With our assistance, you may also "block out" certain portions of the day for breaks or arrange schedules to start later in the day or finish earlier.

Once the employer's schedule is in final form, and an employer has selected the students who they would like to interview, interviewees are invited to accept or decline their preselect or alternate interview status.  We then schedule student interview times through an automatic scheduling process in TIP-Symplicity.

Employers participating in TIP through the resume collection option may contact the students they wish to interview directly to make arrangements for those interviews.

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