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Religion and human rights: a conversation with Elisa Massimino

October 11, 2022 Original Content

The Berkley Forum at Georgetown Law's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs sat down with Elisa Massimino to discuss the aspirations of the Center's Rethinking Religion and Human Rights project, the scope of her advocacy work, and relevant issues at the intersection of religion and human rights.

Report: Redefining homeland security: a new framework for DHS to meet today's challenges

June 16, 2021 Original Content

Elisa Massimino worked on a new report from the Center for American Progress on shifting the priorities of the Department of Homeland Security. Rather than focusing on investigative, detention, and law enforcement functions, functions better carried out by the FBI and Bureau of Prisons, DHS should shift toward new values of connecting, communicating, facilitating, welcoming, and helping.