2021-2022 Resolutions

Resolution 2021-2022-10: Student Organization Budgets

2021-2022 Minutes

Meeting Minutes: 9-1-21

2020-2021 Resolutions

Resolution 2020-2021-1: Chief of Staff Appointment
Resolution 2020-2021-2: Attorney General Appointment
Resolution 2020-2021-3: Streamlining and Restructuring Committees
Resolution 2020-2021-4: Committee Chair Appointments
Resolution 2020-2021-5: Committee Membership
Resolution 2020-2021-6: Tuition Affordability and COVID-19 
Resolution 2020–2021-7: Sustainability Chair

2020-2021 Minutes

Meeting Minutes: 4-7-2021

2019-2020 Resolutions

Resolution 2019-2020-1: Chief of Staff Appointment
Resolution 2019-2020-2: Attorney General Appointment
Resolution 2019-2020-3: Streamlining and Restructuring Committees
Resolution 2019-2020-4: Honoring the Life of Cedric Asiavugwa
Resolution 2019-2020-5: Committee Chair Appointments
Resolution 2019-2020-6: Committee Appointments
Resolution 2019-2020-7: Require Employers Who Recruit at Georgetown to Disclose If They Mandate Arbitration of Employment Disputes
Resolution 2019-2020-8: Constitution Revisions
Resolution 2019-2020-9: Bylaws Revisions
Resolution 2019-2020-10: Fall 2019 Student Organization Budgets
Resolution 2019-2020-11: Creation of a system to charge textbook purchases directly to student accounts
Resolution 2019-2020-12: Election Rules Updates
Resolution 2019-202-13: Space Reservations
Resolution 2019-2020-14: Student-Faculty Committees
Resolution 2019-2020-15: Committee Member Appointments
Resolution 2019-2020-16: Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Resolution 2019-2020-17: Tuition Affordability and Transparency
Resolution 2019-2020-18: Declaration of Understanding About Reproductive Justice and Support for Recognition of If/When/How
Resolution 2019-2020-19: Hiring a Trauma Specialist on the Law Center Campus
Resolution 2019-2020-20: Spring 2020 Student Organization Budgets
Resolution 2019-2020-21: The Amendment to the Student Bar Association Constitution so as to Allow for an LL.M. Delegate to Sit on the Executive Board

2019-2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes: 10-09-2019
Meeting Minutes: 10-23-2019
Meeting Minutes: 11-6-2019
Meeting Minutes: 1-15-2020
Meeting Minutes: 1-29-2020
Meeting Minutes: 2-12-2020 
Meeting Minutes: 2-26-2020
Meeting Minutes: 3-18-2020
Meeting Minutes: 3-24-2020
Meeting Minutes: 4-1-2020
Meeting Minutes: 4-15-2020

2018-2019 Resolutions

Resolution 2018-2019-01: Attorney General Appointment
Resolution 2018-2019-02: Chief of Staff Appointment
Resolution 2018-2019-03:  Committee Chair Appointments
Resolution 2018-2019-04: Committee Appointments
Resolution 2018-2019-06: Fall 2018 Student Organization Budgets
Resolution 2018-2019-07: Recognition of If/When/How
Resolution 2018-2019-08: Committee Chair Replacement
Resolution 2018-2019-09: Student-Faculty Committee Appointments
Resolution 2018-2019-10: Committee Appointments
Resolution 2018-2019-11: Exam4 Software
Resolution 2018-2019-12: Liberal Leave Policy
Resolution 2018-2019-13: An Expression of Solidarity and A Denouncement of Hatred and Bigotry
Resolution 2018-2019-16: Commitment to Address Sexual Misconduct and Establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention
Resolution 2018-2019-17: Prioritization of 1L Grades 

2017-2018 Resolutions

Resolution 2017-2018-01: Chief of Staff Appointment
Resolution 2017-2018-02: SBA Attorney General Appointment
Resolution 2017-2018-03: SBA Committee Chair Appointments
Resolution 2017-2018-04: SBA Committee Member Appointments
Resolution 2017-2018-05: Bylaws Change to Add Washington D.C. Bar Representative
Resolution 2017-2018-06: Constitutional Change to Combine Academic Affairs and Experiential Learning Committees
Resolution 2017-2018-07: Committee-Appointments
Resolution 2017-2018-11: Resolution in Support of the Georgetown Law Community Affected by DACA
Resolution 2017-2018-12: Student-Faculty-Committee
Resolution 2017-2018-13: Community Enrichment Chair
Resolution 2017-2018-14: Externship Seminar


2017-2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes: 04-004-17-Minutes ; Meeting-Minutes-04-18-17


Previous Years’ Resolutions, Minutes, and Audio Files

Meeting minutes and successful resolutions from previous years can be accessed here (GULC login required). To provide greater transparency, the SBA retains audio recordings of the 2016-2017 House of Delegates meetings. We encourage interested students to listen to the meeting recordings as they provide a full and accurate accounting of meeting activities and discussion. Members of the Georgetown Law community can access those audio files using the above Resolutions & Minutes link.