The department of Instructional and Academic Technologies (IAT) serves to support faculty, staff, and students in the usage of the Law center’s educational technology offerings. Please use this website to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding any of these tools, as well as to schedule additional trainings for you or your department as needed.

Canvas Resources

Canvas is Georgetown University’s Learning Management System (LMS), and is the central location of your course’s online presence. On a basic level, Canvas can serve as a repository of documents, assignments, and readings, but the IAT team can help you design an engaging and valuable online course presence that encourages active learning both in and out of the classroom.

Panopto Resources

Panopto provides a home for both your scheduled lecture recordings as well as any other recorded video that you wish to share with your class. Lecture recordings are automatically captured and uploaded to your course’s Panopto folder, but during periods of instructional continuity instructors are also encouraged to make use of Panopto to pre-record lecture material. All instructors have access to Panopto folders for all of their classes, as well as a private folder that can be used to store content semester-to-semester.

Zoom Resources

Zoom allows students and instructors to meet online during periods of instructional continuity, or when physical attendance is otherwise not possible. During instructional continuity, the Law Center allows for the use of Zoom for remote learning. Zoom also allows instructors to host virtual office hours for students, and includes a feature set that makes it viable to communicate with students in a way similar to how you would interact while in the classroom.

Law Center Gmail and Google Apps

Gmail provides e-mail services for all students and faculty at the law center, but the G Suite also offers cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools including Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Meet. The IAT team can help you or your department integrate the G Suite into your workflow to make scheduling and document collaboration easier.

Training and Consultations

The IAT department regularly holds group training sessions on popular topics pertaining to the use of our software offerings. We are also available to meet with faculty and staff in private consultation sessions. Please visit our training page to find more information or to schedule a session.