Georgetown Environmental Law and Policy Program (GELPP)

Environmental Law and Policy Program Curriculum

Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Professor of Law Lisa Heinzerling leads an engaging discussion with students.

Located just a short walk from the US Capitol, Georgetown Law is situated in the heart of Washington’s legal and policy action.Environmental Law & Policy Program students can pursue a J.D. degree or, beginning in fall 2014, a one-year specialized LL.M. degree in environmental law. J.D. candidates can also obtain the LL.M. by completing 12 additional credit hours.

Georgetown University Law Center offers one of the widest selections of law courses in the country, including a variety of environmental law courses. Among these offerings are seminars on hydraulic fracturing, climate change, renewable energy, and the art of regulatory war. Visit the environmental law curriculum guide for more information about course offerings and about selecting courses at Georgetown Law.

Each Law Center course is primarily a J.D. course or a graduate course. J.D. students generally have priority for seats in J.D. courses, and LL.M. and doctoral students have priority for seats in graduate courses. A number of courses are "cross-listed" each semester, reserving seats for both J.D. and graduate students.

J.D. Curriculum in Environmental Law

J.D. candidates in the Environmental Law & Policy Program can choose courses from three basic categories:

  • Core courses
  • Advanced or specialized courses
  • Related courses

Core courses are necessary to gain a basic understanding of the environmental law and policy field. They include:

Advanced or specialized courses help students gain greater proficiency in different facets of environmental law. These include courses and seminars relating to specific areas of law such as land use or water, to emerging challenges to traditional environmental law such as the problem of environmental equity, and to particular industries such as renewable energy. Courses include:

Additionally, Georgetown Law's two clinical programs related to environmental law and policy give students an excellent opportunity to develop practice-oriented skills.

Related courses provide knowledge that's often considered as important as learning the content and structure of the environmental laws themselves. These courses and seminars include:

LL.M. Curriculum in Environmental Law

Students in Georgetown's environmental law LL.M. program are required to complete 24 credit hours, as well as an externship or practicum within the field of environmental law. J.D. candidates will also be able to obtain the LL.M. with the completion of 12 additional credit hours. Course guides for the 2014-2015 academic year are accessible from the following links.

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