Program in Legal Technologies

Spring 2014 Awards

Award for Iron Tech Lawyer

The award for “Iron Tech Lawyer” went to the Unemployment Benefits Hearing Coach app. Designed by Zachary Hutchinson, Stephany Fan, and Antonella Montagna. The app provides guidance on how to prepare for a hearing and assists claimants and employers in understanding their rights.


Award for Best Design

The award for Best Design went to the Pennsylvania Children's Medicaid Appeals Advisor  designed by Robert Brecht, Patricia Kim, and Erica Weinberger. This app helps Pennsylvania Health Law Project (PHLP) provide legal services to low-income consumers, the elderly, and persons with disabilities who are having trouble accessing publicly funded healthcare coverage or services. 


Honorable Mention

The Triage and Intake Assessment System created by Ari Atkinson, Michael Milea, Meredith Madnick, and Mauhan Zonoozy took Honorable Mention. The app was developed for the Virginia Legal Aid Society and will expedite the triage process for VLAS and give priority to those who use the app ahead of a phone call. It addresses the crucial need for VLAS to be able to provide service to eligible community members and direct those who do not qualify to other useful services. 


Social Media Award - Voted Favorite by Audience 

The Den: New York City Debt and Eviction Navigator by Matthew Smallcomb, Nicole Smith, and Kelly Wade targets legal services for the elderly in Queens. The app will aim to diagnose whether the senior has a landlord/tenant or consumer debt problem and offer remedial self-help steps and contact information for legal services providers.


Fall 2013 Awards

Award for Iron Tech Lawyer

The award for “Iron Tech Lawyer” went to the Military Impact of Discharge Assessment System (MIDAS) app. Designed by Lindsey Bohl (L’14),Kyle George (L’14) and Thomas Orsak (L’14), MIDAS is intended to help adjudicators at the Department of Veterans Affairs determine whether a service member is eligible for VA benefits. The students worked with a U.S. Army judge advocate to address the issue of eligibility, which affects more than 22 million veterans and their dependents.

Iron Tech Lawyer 2013

Award for Best Design

The award for Best Design went to the California Foreclosure Advisor designed by Shahzadi Ahmed (L’14), Angela Omiyi (L’14), Michael Milea (L’15) and Johnny Wong (L’16). Built in collaboration with the Consumer Financial Protection Board, the app was intended to provide clear, easy-to-understand, and directed information to homeowners about foreclosure, and to help them assess their current situation and their options moving forward. The app also serves to collect information for CFPB on problems facing homeowners and mortgage servicers’ compliance.


Honorable Mention

The Affordable Care Act Advisor, created by Amanda Krause (L’14), Gerald Leverich (L’14), William Morrison (L’14), and Jessica Nyman (L’14), took Honorable Mention. The Short and Happy Guide to Health Care Coverage is an informational tool designed to help uninsured persons understand certain benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Our application stands apart from the hundreds of others online in that it specifically speaks to the largest demographic of uninsured persons: young people with lower income and education levels.


The other apps showcased at the competition were:

Military Service Members Pre-Discharge Counselor: The app advises active service members on the specific discharge options available to them and how their actions may affect their eligibility for benefits after separation from the military.

Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit Advisor: Enables users to accurately identify whether they should apply for a Section 404 permit. Provides users with a succinct explanation of what their next course of action should be, including identifying possible problem areas that may need expert review.

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