LL.M (International Legal Studies) New York University 2020; LL.B Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Magna cum Laude)

Faculty Advisor
Milton Regan

Areas of Study
International Humanitarian Law; International Self-defense Law; Counterterrorism; Just War Theory

Eden’s thesis argues that the laws regulating armed conflict both jus ad bellum (which justify the resort to war) and jus in bello, international humanitarian law (which regulates the actions taken during war), embody at their core a balance between state interests and humanitarian considerations. The thesis focuses primarily on the balance concerning international humanitarian law and ask whether it could remain, when fighting non-state actors in a non-international armed conflict due to their special nature. Securing such balance under these circumstances ensures that the civilian harm is not overlooked when states act to promote their military goals. The underlying assumption of the thesis is that states interpret the law in a way that obfuscates the balance and tilts the scale toward state interest rather than humanitarian considerations. The thesis objects to such an understanding and argues to restore the balance in international humanitarian law with respect to non-international armed conflicts.

Eden received her LL.M. in International Legal Studies from NYU (2020), where she was an International Law and Human Rights Fellow and worked at Just Security. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked as a legal advisor at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Eden earned her LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (Magna cum Laude), where she worked as a research and teaching assistant in various fields. She then clerked in the Armed Conflict Unit of the Office of the Israeli Deputy Attorney General (International Law) and the Office of the Israeli Attorney General.

SSRN Profile: 4418711