Country: Israel

Education: LL.M, Columbia Law School (Edwin B. Parker Prize for International and Comparative Law) (2015); LL.B and B.A. International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2014).

Faculty Advisor: David P. Stewart

Areas of Study: public international law

Yael’s research focuses on the concept of “effective control” in public international law. As part of her S.J.D. project, she is conducting a systematic examination of “effective control” across the different branches of international law, analyzing its various components therein, with a view to exploring how effective control came to be the multi-faceted and prevalent concept that it has become.

Yael is currently on leave of absence from her position as a legal advisor in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for International Law, in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, where she has focused on issues relating to international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and public international law more broadly.

Yael has published and presented scholarship on issues relating to international adjudication and international criminal law.