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The Center’s involvement with the profession enables us to provide students with information that allows them to make better choices in law school and more sophisticated decisions about the career paths that they plan to follow.  We also can help students become, to use Donald Schon’s classic term, “reflective practitioners” who attempt to forge a meaningful understanding of themselves as professionals amid the pressures of contemporary practice. 

While these educational activities are intended to relate to a wide range of practice settings, there is a particularly urgent need to help students better understand the nature of law firm practice.  The Law Center historically has sent two-thirds of its graduates to large law firms.  Although this figure may decline somewhat with changes in the law firm business model, we are likely to continue to have a large portion of our graduates choose this option for at least some period of time.  Most students, however, do not yet understand the forces that shape practice in law firms.  The Center has attempted to remedy this shortcoming through additions to the curriculum, workshops, symposia, and speaker presentations. Use the links below to learn more about our educational initiatives.

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