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Professor Rosa Brooks, right (with Distinguished Visitor from Practice Christy Lopez) was installed as Georgetown Law’s inaugural Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Policy on March 20.

Professor Rosa Brooks Installed as the Inaugural Scott K. Ginsburg Professor

March 22, 2019 Civil Rights & Antidiscrimination Criminal Law Human Rights & Immigration International & Comparative Law Race & Law

“Just as our recent wars have mostly been against those who are poor, those who can easily be demonized and viewed as ‘other’ by the average American — so too, our criminal law has tended to be enforced primarily and disproportionately against the poor and people of color,” said Professor Rosa Brooks, who was installed as Georgetown Law’s inaugural Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Policy on March 20.

Cedric Asiavugwa (L'19), right, is pictured with an educator from a New York City high school at St. Aloysius High School in Nairobi, where he worked before coming to Georgetown Law. He continued to work with the school remotely as a law student, until his death on March 10 (photo courtesy Father Terry Charlton, S.J.)

Students, Faculty, Staff Remember Cedric Asiavugwa (L’19)

March 15, 2019 Campus News Human Rights & Immigration Public Interest & Community Service

Nicole Fauster (L’20) met Cedric Asiavugwa (L’19), her Georgetown Law public interest mentor, in the fall of 2017, when she entered Georgetown Law as a member of its Public Interest Law Scholars program.

They were in the same mentorship group in PILS, later known as the Blume Public Interest Scholars Program. In her second year, as president of the Muslim Law Students Association, Fauster also worked with Cedric, as the friendly 3L worked in Campus Ministry.

“He was Campus Ministry’s go-to guy,” Fauster said. “I definitely saw him on a very regular basis, putting together programming…whenever you passed by Campus Ministry, he was at that table, doing work, assisting the chaplains. One of the reasons I would go to Campus Ministry when I was going from class to class was to say hi to Cedric. He is definitely going to be someone whose loss will be deeply felt.”