Edward Bennett Williams Law Library

111 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

E.B. Williams Circulation
  Desk: 202-662-9131
  E-mail: lawcirc@georgetown.edu

E.B. Williams Reference
  Desk: 202-662-9140
  E-mail: lawlibref@georgetown.edu


Library Staff

Two Reference Desks 

The Williams Law Library Reference Desk is in the Robert L. Oakley Reading Room on the main floor and supports U.S. legal research questions.  During the academic year, this desk is open from Monday - Thursday 9:00am to 8:00pm; Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm; and on weekends 12:00noon to 6:00pm.  During the summer and school breaks, there is no evening or weekend reference service.  You can email the Williams desk at lawlibref@georgetown.edu, call 202-662-9140, or Chat With A Librarian.

International & foreign law reference questions are addressed at the Wolff International Reference Desk on the lower level of the John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library.  During the academic year, this desk is open from Monday - Friday 11:00am to 5:00pm.  Feel free to email us at lawintlref@georgetown.edu, call 202-662-4195, or chat with us!

Librarians from both locations are available for individual research consultations, class presentations, and other instructional support activities.  Remember, we're here to help you succeed in your research!


Last Name First Name Title Contact Info
Adams Kathy Authority Control and Collection Development Assistant E-mail: adams@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9195
Williams, Room 210
Addiego Laura Web Application Developer E-mail: la558@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9142
Williams, 239
Alayan Kristina J. Head of Reference
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E-mail: kja41@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202 662-9144
Williams, Room 204A
Andaya Zenaide Bibliographic Searcher E-mail: zta2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9198
Williams, Room 133
Barr Kaitlyn Foreign and International Collection and Services Assistant, Law Library E-mail: keb285@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4268
Wolff, 3000
Bell Stacy Queen Accounts Analyst & Administrative Specialist E-mail: sdq@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9160
Williams, Room 205
Bjork Charles International and Foreign Law Reference Librarian
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E-mail: chb39@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4264
Wolff, Room 3003B
Boone Thomas Associate Law Librarian for Electronic Resources and Services E-mail: trb74@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9158
Williams, Room 239
Casey Heather International and Foreign Law Reference Librarian
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E-mail: hec29@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-661-6573
Wolff, Room 3003E
Chambers Fronia Account Clerk E-mail: chamberf@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9201
Williams, Room 205
Concepcion Cattleya M. Reference Librarian
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E-mail: cmc462@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-661-6655
Williams, Room 204E
Deegan Arthur International and Foreign Law Collection and Services Assistant E-mail: ad1244@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4269
Wolff, Room 3003
Duffy Colin Cataloging Technician E-mail: ced32@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9193
Williams, Room 131
Gerhard Jeffery Digital Initiatives Coordinator E-mail: gerhardj@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9177
Williams, Room 130D
Graham Elizabeth International and Foreign Law Reference and Access Services Librarian E-mail: eg662@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4265
Wolff, Room 3001A
Guha Anne Reference Librarian
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E-mail: amg300@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9180
Williams, Room 208D
Hanger Gloria Mail Clerk E-mail: hanger@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9206
Williams, Room 132C
Hering Katharina NEJL Project Archivist
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E-mail: kh781@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4043
Williams, Room 122B
Howard Roland Photocopy and Media Services Support Assistant E-mail: howard@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9156
Williams, Room 101
Jorgensen Rachel O. Reference Librarian E-mail: roj2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9139
Williams, Room 207C
Krause Margaret Reference Librarian
View biographical info
E-mail: mmaher01@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4058
Williams, Room 208B
Lambertson Jesse Head of Cataloging E-mail: jal360@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9167
Williams, Room 131A
Lang Andrew W. Reference Librarian
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E-mail: awl20@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9141
Williams, Room 208C
Lelansky Craig Head of Access Services
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E-mail: cdl3@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9155
Williams, Room 230A
McCabe Jeremy Research Services Librarian
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E-mail: jjm323@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9145
Williams, Room 204F
Miller-Kim Hannah Special Collections Librarian
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E-mail: htm@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-661-6602
Williams, Room 210
Mitchell Doris Head of Filing Unit E-mail: henry@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9672
Williams, Room 130
Monroe Barbara Reference Librarian
View biographical info
E-mail: monroebr@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9143
Williams, Room 207B
Muto Andrea Research Services Librarian E-mail: amm574@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-661-6598
Williams, Room 204F
Nguyen Thanh Head of Library Research Services
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E-mail: nguyent2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9073
Williams, Room 204C
Obichere Antonio Stacks Maintenance Assistant E-mail: ako2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9178
Williams, Room 231
Parkhe Smita Integrated Library System and e-Resources Librarian E-mail: svp6@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9191
Williams, Room 134B
Pearl Joan Interlibrary Loan Lending Assistant E-mail: pearl@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9152
Williams, Room 231
Piacenti Laura Public Patron Program E-mail: piacenti@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9138
Williams, Circulation
Powell Christine Circulation Assistant E-mail: cas29@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9135
Williams, Room 230
Prescott Leah Associate Law Librarian for Digital Initiatives E-mail: lp627@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-4065
Williams, Room 208A
Prietto Carole Law Center Archivist E-mail: cap166@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9149
Williams, Room 224
Raisch Marylin J. Associate Law Librarian for International and Foreign Law
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E-mail: mjr47@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9159
Wolff, Room 3002
Rocabado Karen Cataloging Technician E-mail: rocabadk@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9194
Williams, Room 131
Rodriguez Yelena Patron Services Assistant E-mail: yr32@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9136
Williams, Room 204
Rogers Dwayne Receiving Assistant E-mail: rogersdw@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9624
Williams, Room 133
Shaw Mabel Assistant International and Foreign Law Librarian
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E-mail: shawm@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9171
Wolff, Room 3003D
Smith Jill A. Instructional Technology Librarian
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E-mail: jas515@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9165
Williams, Room 231A
Taniuchi Erie Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Assistant E-mail: et246@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9154
Williams, Room 204
Thomas Tracey Business Operations Manager E-mail: thomast@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9163
Williams, Administration
Thomas Sherri Conservation Technician E-mail: thomas@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9169
Williams, Room 238
Thomas Joe Deputy Director of the Law Library
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E-mail: jwt48@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9162
Williams, Room 205B
Williams Yutina Filing / Serials Assistant E-mail: williayt@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9858
Williams, Room 130
Williams Jelethia Evening Circulation Supervisor E-mail: jtw2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9134
Williams, Room 230
Williams Ryan Dawn Head of Accounting Unit E-mail: ryandw@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9187
Williams, Room 205
Wu Michelle Director of the Law Library
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E-mail: mmw84@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9161
Williams, Room 205A
Yowell Kevin Stacks Maintenance Assistant E-mail: kjy2@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9178
Williams, Access Services
Yu Oi Ling Head of Ordering Unit E-mail: ocy@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9185
Williams, Room 133
Zimmerman Matt Electronic Resources Librarian
View biographical info
E-mail: mlz4@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-662-9179
Williams, Room 133A