Conservative public interest law is concerned with forwarding conservative political ideologies with public policy or litigation. Conservative political ideologies often include limited government, free markets, and the rule of law.

Conservative public interest lawyers work in traditional nonprofit organizations, and think tanks such as the Cato Institute. These lawyers use their research, advocacy and impact litigation skills to forward principles of federalism, separation of powers, and tradition.

What to do if you are interested in Conservative Public Interest Law?

Georgetown Law Courses

Constitutional Law II: Individual rights and liberties
Federal Money: Policy making and budget rules
Law of Religion

Georgetown Law Seminars

Fourteenth Amendment Seminar
Free Press
Judicial Review and the Administrative State

Georgetown Law Clinics

Federal Legislation Clinic
The Policy Clinic (Harrison Institute for Public Law)

Helpful Conservative Public Interest Law Resources

  • Harvard Specialty Guide: Conservative/Libertarian Public Interest Law includes the history of the conservative public interest law movement as well as information on career paths, internship/fellowship programs and selected employers.
  • The Federalist Society seeks to promote an awareness of conservative ideology through programs, resources and support for law students on campuses across the U.S. and the private and public bar and the judiciary.
  • The Leadership Institute offers training programs, workshops and seminars on politics, government and the media to support the conservative movement.

Representative Employers