International development is a multidisciplinary field focused on improving the economic, political and social quality of life for people in developing countries through poverty alleviation, humanitarian and foreign aid, disaster preparedness, healthcare, education, economic and infrastructure development, rule of law and governance, and environmental sustainability.

Lawyers in international development provide legal education workshops to citizens in other countries, resolve disputes between host governments and project participants, or serve as a support for U.S. professionals on local laws in a host country. International development lawyers may work in NGOs, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or law firms and consulting groups.

What to do if you are interested in International Development?

Georgetown Law Courses

Introduction to International Development & Humanitarian Assistance (coming Fall 2020)
Developing and Financing Infrastructure Projects
Social Enterprise, Impact Investing and the Law
International Law
Foreign Relations Law
International Business Transactions
International Economic Law
International Finance

Georgetown Clinic

The Policy Clinic: Climate, Health & Food, Human Rights & Trade (The Harrison Institute for Public Law)

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