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Professor from Practice; Co-Director, Global Law Scholars Program; Director, Center on Transnational Business and the Law

David P. Stewart

B.A., Princeton; M.A., Yale; J.D., Yale; LL.M., New York University

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Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International Law

Jane E. Stromseth

B.A., Swarthmore; D.Phil., Oxford; J.D., Yale

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Professor of Law; Director, Harrison Institute for Public Law

Robert K. Stumberg

B.A., Macalester; J.D., Georgetown; LL.M., Georgetown

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Areas of Expertise:

Clinical Education

Anne Fleming Research Professor; Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Research and Academic Programs

Neel U. Sukhatme

B.S., University of Illinois; J.D., Harvard; Ph.D., Princeton

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Associate Professor of Law

Nicole Summers

B.A., Brown University; J.D., Harvard Law School; M.A.L.D., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

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Areas of Expertise:

Housing Law, Property

Frank Sherry Professor of Intellectual Property

Madhavi Sunder

B.A., Harvard; J.D., Stanford

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Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law and Economics

David A. Super

A.B., Princeton; J.D., Harvard

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David Belding Professor of Law; Professor of Economics (by courtesy)

Joshua C. Teitelbaum

B.A., Williams College; J.D., Harvard; Ph.D., Cornell

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Anne Fleming Research Professor; Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Center for Transnational Legal Studies, London

Yvonne Tew

B.A., University of Cambridge; Ph.D., University of Cambridge; LL.M., Harvard

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Professor of Law

John R. Thomas

B.S., Carnegie Mellon; J.D., University of Michigan; LL.M., George Washington

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